GUARDIANS is a grassroots effort helping the hurting, hopeless, and homeless through Relief, Rehabilitation and Development. GUARDIANS is a boots on the ground, mobile mission outreach.  We go into communities to share Jesus' love, deliver basic needs and give a hand up, while helping people find their unique purpose in life. 

Our teams work to engage and stabilize individuals in need through compassionate and consistent outreach to facilitate and/or deliver health and basic need services with the goal of working to establish long-term sustainability. 

  • Boots on the ground
  • Working directly in communities
  • "Hands & Feet" of Jesus
  • Help others connect with God and His people
  • Mobile missions
  • Transportation


  • Urgent & Temporary
  • Provisions: Emergency Aid
  • Reduce Suffering

Rehabilitation: restore people and their communities to the positive elements of their pre-crisis condition

  • Starts after the "bleeding" stops
  • Working relationship(s)
  • Individual participates in own recovery

We work WITH them not FOR them

Development: promote and empowering process to find our voice and help others find theirs

  • On-going sustainable change
  • Moving helper and helped into relationship with God
  • Fulfill calling -> working & supporting themselves/families
  • Become more of what God created us to be

Not done TO or FOR people, but WITH people



Facts About Homelessness

Learn more about homelessness, how it is defined and what the data shows. 

HomeAgain: RVA Let's Talk Homelessness Facts

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Ending Homelessness

In response to the growing need, the GUARDIANS program is growing and evolving to meet the complex needs of our homeless and at-risk neighbors in the Richmond tri-cities area. 

If you or someone you know is homeless or is at risk of becoming homeless, please contact your local 2-1-1 hotline for immediate assistance. 

Our Programs


Learn more about:

  • Relief
  • Rehabilitation
  • Development


We partner with a variety of organizations across the tri-cities area. We are forever blessed and thankful for their support and tireless dedication. Click the button below to check out our partners and learn more about how you can partner. 

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Get Involved

Our outreach teams are a great way to give of your time and energy alongside of others.

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